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Hippo Wallet COO Ellis Wang Joins GRC Today Summit As Panelist

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The past few months have been a challenging period for the blockchain and crypto space. While there are issues floating around—like the FTX breakdown and Tether (USDT) value decrease—the space remains persistent. This only proves that it is already as strong as it can be, with vast room for improvement and growth.

More so, the most influential networks in the space are already overlooking these issues; hence, crypto enthusiasts can rest assured that the situation will be better in the next months. To back this up, before the year ends, there are several events queued that will tackle everything there is to know in the blockchain, business, and finance world.

One of which is the upcoming GRC Today Summit, happening on November 22 – 23, at Habtoor Palace Dubai, UAE.

GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) Today in Financial Services, brings together the leaders in the business world and financial institutions. Here, they will discuss the unprecedented growth and demand for new financial services.

In light of the new trends and increasing demand for regulations and evolving consumer preferences, the GRC Today Summit becomes the meeting place for thought-leaders and key opinion leaders to present new ideas, solutions, and transformational governance, risk, and compliance in the finance sector.

As this is also our core value in Blockchain Commodities, our COO, Mr. Ellis Wang, has been attending such events involving fintech to spread the word about our ecosystem’s top-notch security and implications.

For the GRC Today Summit, moreover, Mr. Wang will be among the Panelists. He will be present in the series of interactive sessions, networking, and engagements throughout the event. Similarly, he will be available to speak with the attendees regarding the topics at hand, and at the same time for those who want to know more about our products and services at Blockchain Commodities.

With this said, we invite you to attend the GRC Today Summit, on November 22 – 23, at Habtoor Palace Dubai, UAE to get a chance to meet our COO, Mr. Ellis Wang.


Disclaimer: The author’s views and opinions are the only ones stated in this piece, and they may not represent those of Blockchain Commodities. Nothing in this piece of writing should be taken as investment advice. Before making an investment in cryptocurrency, Blockchain Commodities advises all consumers to conduct their own research.

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